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Division of Swine Infectious Diseases

Aiming to satisfy the nations demand and strategic development, the main research subjects for the Division of Swine Infectious Diseases are the prominent viral infectious diseases affecting swine production. By using the modern immunology, virology and molecular biology techniques, the division undertakes the study of the molecular pathogenesis of the viruses and the immune mechanisms, developing new vaccine products, 

prevention technologies, and providing new diagnostic criteria and detection reagents. Research areas include: porcine viral reproduction disorders, immune suppression of swine viral diseases, porcine diarrhea, porcine respiratory syndrome, epidemiology and molecular diagnostics of swine diseases. The triple live vaccine for porcine viral diarrhea, porcine circovirus (PCV) vaccine, live porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) vaccine and inactivated vaccine have been industrialized and contributed enormously to the control and prevention of related diseases in recent years.


Breakthroughs have also been made in development of the recombinant adenovirus / alphavirus replicon vectored classical swine fever vaccine and other novel vaccines, and pathogen molecular diagnostics of swine infectious diseases and differential diagnostic methods. Such discoveries will enable further development of products for the future control and prevention of swine diseases.

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