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Division of Zoonosis

The mission of Division of Zoonosis is to build to scientific knowledge and technical resources thus providing support the prevention and control of emerging and re-emerging zoonosis, and transboundary animal infectious diseases, including brucella, rabies, peste des petits ruminants, African swine fever, Rift valley fever, Nipah encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis, West Nile encephalitis, vesicular stomatitis, and so on.

    The faculty, graduated students and visiting scientists in this division mainly focus on the understanding of etiology, microbiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis and immunology related to these diseases. Also, the division is extensively in development of novel diagnostic technology and vaccines for the prevention and control of these diseases.

     The division has been awarded 1 second-class prize of National Technology Invention Award, 1 second-class prize of Science and technology progress Award issued by CAAS. Among over 60 papers published, more than 30 were collected by SCI journals like Journal of Virology, Vaccine and so on, Until now, it has applied 20 national patents of which 7 have been granted and earned 1 certificate for novel veterinarian drugs.

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