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ØSenior and junior scientists recruitment for the research team of Fundamental Immunology More

Contact: Zhang Jing

Email: zhangjing02@caas.cn

Tel: +86 451-51051671

Fax: +86 451-51997166

Address: No. 427 Maduan St. 150001, Harbin, P.R. China


1,    Senior and junior scientists recruitment for the research team of Fundamental Immunology

        To meet needs in such rapid growth and development, HVRI proudly announces establishment of a China-US joint Research Center for Innate Immunity. The center will study viral restriction in various hosts, functions of cytokines in immune regulation, pathogen-host interactions and other advance animal health and food safety of the public through basic and applied research. To fulfill its mission, the center invites application for 2 positions at senior scientists level and 3 positions at scientists levels who have received professional trainings in virology, microbiology, molecular biology, and/or cell biology. Probationary periods for all of the positions is 1 year. Candidates who would like to apply for the senior scientist positions should have 2-5 years’ postdoctoral training, and have authorship on scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals with an impact factor above 5.

      Note: Experiments which could not be proceeded in China may have to be conducted in US. Therefore, staying in US for a short period might be needed.

       Interested individuals should send their questions and/or CV, together with a brief description of their future research goals and names of three references to the following address:

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